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Child Abuse Hotline

75 Veterans Memorial Drive
Somerville, NJ 08844

Domestic Violence Hotline - Resource Center of Somerset

427 Homestead Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU)

27 Warren Street
Somerville , NJ 08876
The FCIU serves children and their families who are in crisis as a result of juvenile/family conflicts, runaway behavior, or truancy by the child. The unit provides immediate intervention, assessment, and counseling in order to stabilize the crisis without utilizing court involvement. Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff also provides court-ordered counseling to post-adjudicated adolescents and their families. Also provides risk assessments as a result of a court order in cases where domestic violence occurs.

HIV/AIDS Hotline-National Prevention Information Network

P.O. Box 6003
Rockville, MD 20849

Hyacinth AIDS Foundation

317 George Street
Suite 203
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Confidential HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, support groups, information and referrals, legal advocacy, assistance applying for federal disability benefits, and education/prevention.

Mobil Response & Stabilization (MRSS)

6 Park Avenue
Flemington , NJ 08822
PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Referral must be made through PerformCare at 877-652-7624 or

Immediate 24/7/365 mobilization of crisis staff to homes, schools or other safe locations where youth between the ages of 4 to 18 are experiencing behaviors putting them at risk of out-of-home placement or hospitalization.Stabilization services include brokering and referrals for services designed to moderate crisis and keep child at home and in the community.

National Domestic Abuse Help Lines for Men and Women

Crisis and referral services for abused men and women.

Somerset County Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS)

71 Fourth Street
Somerville, NJ 08876
Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) provides a range of services for those individuals seeking assistance regarding a recent or past sexual assault or abuse history. All services, including the 24-Hour Confidential Hotline, empower individuals to seek out their own solutions by providing accurate information and options with compassion and respect for the survivor`s cultural background and experiences. Court/Legal Accompaniments: Advocates are also available to survivors who have chosen to proceed with a criminal investigation and/or civil complaint. Advocates are there to be supportive and inform a survivor of his or her rights during interactions with law enforcement, as well as providing emotional support throughout. Additionally, Advocates can be helpful in informing survivors of legal procedures and providing support during court appearances. SASS often works in conjunction with the Somerset County Office of Victim-Witness Advocacy to provide such support. Since court and legal proceedings typically occur during business hours, it is highly recommended to contact SASS staff to discuss this option and to make an appointment for the accompaniment. Counseling: Survivors and their loved ones can also access counseling services at SASS. SASS provides both individual and group counseling options by qualified staff members at our location in Somerville. Short-term 12-week counseling at SASS is free of charge and can be extended on a case-by-case basis to a maximum of 24 weeks for on a sliding fee scale. Whether sexual violence has occurred recently or in the past, survivors need specialized treatment by a professional with experience to help deal with the trauma of sexual assault. Often survivors benefit from the assistance other survivors can share and offer. Our professionally facilitated support group provides a confidential space for survivors to obtain support from one another while sharing their experiences, both past and present. SASS currently offers a support group for adult female survivors of both child and/or adult sexual assault and abuse. An intake process is necessary before entrance into the group


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